God is My Source of Strength

Competitive Powerlifting became my outlet and I thank God everyday for it.

"As I walked to the bench, everything around me became a blur. I didn't hear people talking, I didn't hear any applause, and I didn't hear the words of the announcer. I sat on the bench, lay back, and placed my hands on the bar."

"The awards ceremony took place after all the competitors had completed their lifts. I took first place in the Virginia State Championship in the Women's, 54-59 yrs., 198 lb. division. Afterward, the results from this meet would be compiled with results of the other 100% RAW state meets. Those combined results would determine which lifters in each division were the national champions for the 100% RAW American Cup Challenge. After all the states submitted their championship results, I learned in August that I also came in first in the American Cup Challenge."

(Bench Pressing Threads of Faith - Chapter 4. My First Meet)

Walking in Faith

I have placed every aspect of my life into God's hands. It didn't happen all at once. I started out small and simple and God was faithful and patient with me. It really boils down to relinquishing control.

Competition Pat Boord
2013 Competition Pat Boord